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3.1.1       To achieve an orderly and balanced development, there cannot be a complete freedom for individuals, groups of individuals or institutions to carry out developments without consideration for the surrounding environment. Development guidelines need to be established, which would encourage development without violating the principles of planning for the common good. Therefore a number of zoning and development promotion regulations have been drawn up. The regulations cover four broad areas, namely land uses (what is permissible and what is prohibited), maximum buildable area on all floors in a given context, total floor area that can be covered on a site and minimum size of site required for development where applicable.



3.1.2       All project holders will have the freedom to try out innovative developments as long as the basic parameters of the Master Plan (Perspective: 2025) are met. The Planning Group envisaged under the Master Plan (Perspective: 2025) will be in charge of ensuring that all future projects conform to these regulations. These regulations would also serve as guidelines for the use of lands, especially in the Green Belt. Support from the concerned local bodies, i.e. the Panchayats becomes very important to the proper implementation of the Master Plan (Perspective: 2025). Both Governments, State and Central, have fully recognised Auroville's beneficial and positive activities, and various Departments and Ministries such as Environment and Forest and Rural Development have been assisting Auroville in various ways including providing finance for projects. Similarly, a large number of international development organisations are working with Auroville to promote a sustainable development that will benefit the country at large. The UNESCO on several occasions has recommended Auroville to its member states, requesting them to accord full support.



3.1.3       In order to build further on the foundation that has already been laid, the State as well as the Central Government need to ensure that the proposals of the Master Plan (Perspective: 2025), together with the Development Promotion Regulations, are implemented effectively for an orderly development of Auroville and its surroundings.