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1.1     PREAMBLE



1.1.1    A Master Plan prepared for urban areas serves as an important instrument to guide the process of urban development. Over the years it has emerged as an important approach to urban planning in the country. The concept of the Master Plan has no doubt made a discernible impact in regulating and channelising the development and growth of cities and towns. However, the issue of the Master Plan and its efficacy has been discussed in a National Workshop organised by the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, which suggested a dynamic, transparent and effective approach to improve the efficacy of the Master Plan. Accordingly, the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, Govt. of India, entrusted a study to the Institute of Town Planners, India, on Urban Development Plan Formulation and Implementation (UDPFI) Guidelines. These guidelines have recommended a planning system consisting of a set of four interrelated plans with the Perspective Plan at its apex and Plans of Projects at the base, with the Development Plan and the Annual Plan facilitating the implementation of the Urban Perspective Plan. In line with these guidelines, this Master Plan (Perspective: 2025) of Auroville has been conceived.




1.1.2      The Master Plan (Perspective: 2025) provides a policy framework which will serve as a guide in the preparation of five year Development Plans and Annual Plans for implementation of the proposals. It is presented in three parts. Part One describes the existing scenario and lays down the imperatives for development. Part Two lays down principles and directions for long-term growth and gives Development Proposals to make Auroville the most eco-friendly city. It lays down broad policies in terms of land utilisation, residential densities and qualitative and quantitative aspects of infrastructure development. Part Three gives the development promotion regulations and the procedure to be adopted for development.