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1.7.1    The current economy of the Auroville township is mainly based on manufacturing units and services. Although employment in commercial and transport sectors is marginal, it is steadily growing. However, agriculture which includes allied land regeneration efforts, is an important sector of the Auroville economy.




1.7.2    Currently there are more than 100 small and medium manufacturing units operating in Auroville. The products manufactured include such modern equipment as computer software, electronic and engineering products, equipment used in alternate and appropriate technologies such as windmills, solar lanterns and heaters, and biogas systems. Cottage type industries producing a wide range of products such as garments, candle and incense products, printing, food processing, etc. also exist in Auroville. The overall turnover of all these units was about Rs. 25.50 crores in 1999- 2000.


The service sector includes construction and architectural services, research and training in various sectors related to efficient resource management and sustainable development, such as renewable energy and appropriate building materials.


People in the agriculture sector are engaged in food production, mainly fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and related research and training and activities like organic farming, soil conservation and water management.


Economic activities in Auroville are a mix of production, research and training encompassing both traditional and higher levels of learning in technological, social and ecological fields. The important research and training activities undertaken in Auroville are depicted in Table 6.



Table 6 : Research and Training Institutions and their Activities
Project / Institutions Sector / Activities

1. Annadana South Asian network, protection of genetic resources in India and South Asia
2. Aureka Research and manufacturing of windmills and metal products.
3. Auroville Archives Collection and storage of archival material related to Auroville
4. Auroville's Future Integrated urban planning and city networking
5. Centre for Developmentfor Physical Education Physical education for youth of Auroville and surrounding villagers and village oriented programmes.
6. Centre for Scientific Research  
  CSR-Main Training centre for environmental protection through refrigerant management and renewable energy solutions.
  CSR-Biogas Research, development and manufacturing of biogas technology.
  CSR-Water and Sanitation Low maintenance waste water treatment systems. Root zone treatment plants.
  AVBC-Ferrocement Research and training in ferrocement technology
  AVBC-Earth Construction Research and training in earth construction and manufacturing of AURAM equipment
  AVBC-Architecture Innovative design and construction of buildings.
  Cynergy Team building, project formulation and training in bio-regional activities. Developing multimedia software packages.
7. Centre of Indian Studiesand Research in Indian Culture Library and resource centre on Indian culture
8. Hall of Culture Indian arts and cultural activities
9. Harvest Promotion of water harvesting, aquaculture, organic agriculture and environmental education, ground water studies and environmental monitoring.
10. Kalamitra Cultural programme for artists, promotion of dance, exhibitions, concerts and theatre, both Indian and Western.
11. Palmyra Reclamation of waste and degraded lands, tank rehabilitation and soil conservation, afforestation, documentation and training.
12. Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre Medicinal herbs and plants, tree nurseries.
13. Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER) Research in integral education, covering philosophical, educational and psychological dimensions. As part of the research it an encourages creation and publication of new learning and teaching materials.