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Welcome to a collective Realization!!!

Purpose of Realization project

Realization aims to build sustainable and affordable homes for Auroville with people’s participation. It aspires to contribute actively to the development of Auroville as a conscious community and as a city of never ending education. Hence Realization proposes alternatives ways to answer the present housing demand. The neighbouring villages do not have enough labour for the construction sites of Auroville and it is difficult since a few years to find construction workers to build Auroville. Hence Aurovilians, Newcomers and volunteers need to work with their hands for building Auroville.



Aims and objectives

  • Answer the need of housing: about 70 apartments are planned to be built for around 170 people, over several phases in the next 4 to 5 years. The first phase will have 17 apartments for about 25 people.

  • Share resources to help people with low budget: People give what they can: funds and/or work, so that everyone gets an apartment according to their needs and not according to their financial means.
  • Develop a participative process: Individuals are involved in the elaboration and management of the project. Everybody can contribute physically, mentally and spiritually in a collaborative way for the growth and progress of Auroville as a place of never ending education and in a spirit of Human Unity.
  • Build and live in a sustainable and Eco-friendly manner: Appropriate building technologies and renewable energy sources being used include stabilised earth for the main building material, solar and wind energy, recycling wastewater treatments systems, rainwater harvesting systems on the land and on the roofs, etc.
  • Develop community services: For its future residents as well as for the neighbours.

Multi cultural

Realization gets together people from all ages, backgrounds and geographical origins. Engineers, architects, workers and people from all kinds of skills, such as sociologists, therapists, teachers, students, etc. work side by side to produce compressed stabilised earth blocks. No need to say that everybody is learning a lot and everybody enjoys working with their hands. We are proud of that, as people want to grow and learn something else.

The daily production of blocks has been nourished with the smooth intonations of Russian, Italian, Tamil, Hindi, French, German and so many other languages. We've rapidly understood that working together makes it easy to transcend language barriers. It transcends age as well, as our elders make it clear that they find another youth when they come to help us out. More than 150 people (Aurovilians, Newcomers and volunteers) from more than 20 countries have been working since November 2007 for Realization. The eldest participant is a 66 year old Russian woman and the youngest one a 10 year old French boy.


Actions undertaken

  • November 2007: A study for the urban design started and volunteers started to work physically with the production of Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks (CSEB), under the supervision of the Auroville Earth Institute.

  • December 2007: The prefabrication of the caretaker’s house and the site storeroom started.
  • Early February 2008: The caretaker’s house was built in 64 hours, with about 30 workers and volunteers.
  • January - April 2008: An urban layout with about 70 apartments for around 170 people has been designed according to the concept of the Galaxy layout of Auroville. The first phase with 17 apartments has been studied in details and the plans are ready.
  • March - April 2008: The construction site has been prepared and is ready to start work.
  • May 2008: Production of blocks started on the site with workers and volunteers.

Willing to help?

There are many ways in which you can help us carrying this project through.

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