5 - Year Development Plan : Directions for Growth

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This present plan, titled the "Auroville Master Plan - Directions for Growth", has been made possible by the "Auroville Innovative Urban Management" project funded under the Asia Urbs Programme of the European Commission.

The plan builds on the earlier work carried out by Auroville in its Master Plan (Perspective Plan) 2000-2025, and has been facilitated by further studies undertaken in different sectors under the Asia-Urbs project (See Annexure 1).

While the earlier plan in effect consolidated the thinking behind construction of this unique township from the time it was conceived, and included broad based principles on which it is to be built, this latest plan charts out a road map for the future, indicating directions for its growth in the coming five years, which can lay a strong foundation for realizing the city in a systematic, professional and humane way over the coming two decades.

One important component of the plan is the identification of locations for ongoing and immediate term projects, in such a way that in a short time span a focus can emerge around which the future City can manifest itself in all its glory.

The construction and setting up of the Centre for Urban Research as a part of the Asia-Urbs project IND-015 has helped the emergence of this focus, which will bring together ideas, policies, programmes, projects and innovations for the development of the complete Universal Township.

  Download the complete document (2MB)  

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