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Exhibition in Venice, Querini Stampalia on:


19th to 28th July 2002

>>The Objectives
>>The Content of the Exhibition


'Auroville, Innovative Urban Management' is a unique exhibition being presented by the Universal Township of Auroville, as a part of the outreach and information activities within a project under the Asia Urbs Programme, a European Commission funded initiative.


The Asia Urbs programme aims to promote mutual understanding and lasting cooperation between Asia and Europe by bringing together local governments and communities to work on the challenges of urban planning and development. The exhibition, as well as the other activities of the project, was implemented by Auroville's Future, the Town Planning Office and Centre for Urban Research of Auroville, in partnership with the cities of Venice and Cologne. This exhibition was held in Venice, at the Exhibition Hall of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia from19th to 28th July 2002.

The Objectives

The exhibition, one of the activities undertaken under the framework of Asia-Urbs project 'Auroville Innovative

Conference inaugurating the exhibition


Urban Management", aspired to demonstrate how Asia Urbs programme and the India-Europe partnerships can promote the sustainable development of cities by sharing of experiences and communication between experts, technicians, administrators and students.

Sauro, coordinator of the project; Anupama, Architect from Auroville and D'Agostino.

It also aimed to expose European professionals and the public in general to the various aspects of an innovative urban development taking place in Auroville as the test field for the Asiatic continent.


The Content of the Exhibition

The exhibition consisted of 24 panels, each one displaying one sub-theme within the main theme of Innovative Urban Management. There were 6 introductory panels evoking the overall aims of Auroville, its role as the meeting point between East and West and its successes in the field of Eco-Sustainable Development. The following panels displayed, with the help of inspiring and beautiful images, the different aspects contained within the integrative approach to urban-rural development being implemented by Auroville within the Asia-Urbs project.

  These aspects include:

  • Sustainable practices towards effective Water management

  • Renewable Energies

  • Innovative Architecture and Building Techniques

  • Research and Experimentation

  • Exchange of Experiences and communication

  • Search for Beauty and Harmony with the environment

  • Participatory and inclusive planning

  • Human Integration Promotion of self-sustainability: handicrafts and small industries


The exhibition was supported also by different publications related to the same theme and by a power point presentation.


Auroville is a field experiment of innovative urban management in practice and is a bridge between east and west and through this endeavour of theirs; it hopes to contribute towards the search for a sustainable development of cities.


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