Auroville's Future, Auroville's Town Planning Office, was established in the late sixties under the coordination of a well-known French architect, Mr. Roger Anger. Following the indications given to him by The Mother, the founder of Auroville, in a concerted effort of his architecture offices in Paris and Auroville, they created the original master plan concept, known as the Galaxy, for the realisation of a city for 50,000 inhabitants. Since then, Auroville's Future has been working in collaboration with him and other architects from India and abroad, who are attracted by the innovative aspects of this emerging universal city.

In the latest years, Auroville's Future has developed into a Centre for Urban Research where research and studies are being carried out in the fields of town planning, architecture, engineering, sustainable urban development, integration of rural and urban environment, renewable energies, treatment of waste and wastewater, etc.
A new department emerged also in the last years in relation with a project funded by the Asia Urbs programme of the European Commission, which focusses and encourages the networking of cities from India with cities from Europe. Auroville's Future has created a resource centre with information and training capacities. Contacts have been established with the representatives of small, medium and large cities in India and Europe and potential partnerships have been studied. Auroville's Future has itself implemented two projects under the Asia Urbs programme of the EC in partnership with the European cities of Paris, Venice, Treviso and Cologne.

  Currently the wide range of activities of Auroville's Future include:
  • The work of Co-ordinating the city planning: The aim is to realise the highest ideals of city planning while bridging the vision with the ground reality. We have to find a balance between the dream and the nature of the land, including existing buildings and infrastructure. We are working jointly on this with the Development Council and also monitoring groups from the city zones. There is an ongoing process of exchange between Auroville's Future and the residents of Auroville and the various working groups. This is a necessary part of the Auroville process and is also an enriching experience too. In 2001 a Perspective Master Plan for the Township of Auroville was approved by the residents of Auroville, the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation and the Government of India. Presently the planning efforts are directed towards preparing the five-year detailed master plan, including development plans by sectors.

  • A topographical survey of Auroville: This is being carried out by Auroville's Future survey team, the object being to collect the most accurate data from the land and then to integrate into computerised maps. It is also an essential tool when designing the infrastructure, planning buildings and the positioning of roads.

  • The preparation of architectural plans for collective buildings, housing projects, industrial units and cultural centres.

  • The training of young students from Auroville, from the local villages and from universities in India in drafting, architecture, planning and topography.
  • Research is being carried out in innovative planning and sustainable development, construction materials, non-polluting transport, water management, solid waste and other related issues.

  • Multimedia library: A multimedia library is being built up in the new building of the Centre for Urban Research, containing already a selection of 400 books, videos, CDs and DVDs specialised in urban matters.

  • City Networking Resource Centre: A database with profiles of cities in Europe and India, a web page, a service of interaction between cities and the organisation of trainings and workshops on city networking.

  • Organisation of workshops/seminars/conferences

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