Auroville electrical service, Abri has conducted electrical training course for two batches one in 2001 and other in 2002. Asia Urbs sponsored this scheme. First batch commenced the course on 15th of June and ended at 15th of December 2001. The second batch started on 1st of June and ended at 30th of November 2002. In the above two batches - first batch was conducted in AVES classroom and the second one at the training center, New creation. The same pattern of practical and theory class are conducted with our instructor Mr. Thiagarajan D.E.E (Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineer).

The underlined text books and Manuals are following:
1. Electrical engineering theory - K. Mehta
2. Workshop calculation and science - Kapil Dev
3. Engineering drawing - A.L Anwani
4. Workshop practical - A.L Anwani


Electrical engineering theory

In this subject we have covered safety precautions, electrical tools repair and maintenance, basic introduction in electrical terms and laws conductors, insulators and their properties etc.

Alternate currents and term used in AC current, worked out problems, Ac circuits single phase, three phase and poly phase ect

Introduction to capacitors, capacitor calculations, magnetism and electromagnetism
DC motors construction and working principles and their uses. AC motors, Transformers construction, maintenance worked out problems ect. Domestic electrical wiring and it's accessories ways of wiring, testing, ISI rules of wiring and system of earthling, earth testing etc.

Electrical transmission and distribution methods and ways of transmission study of sub-station, details like panels, control switch, H.T line L.T Line and transformer structures. Measuring instruments types and useses and their maintenance adopted in electrical engineering. All the subjects are of the standard of NCVT (National Council of Vocational Training) of Government of Indian

We also maintained a student theory record both pictorial drawings and with working principles and explanations.

Workshop calculation and science

In workshop calculation the trainees are thought basic mathematical requirements such as general simplification fractions percentage, menstruation, algebraic formulas ratios and proportions, trigonometry and graph act.

This subject is too orient the student to under take all types of problem that will arrive in engineering problem solutions.

In science we have thought them various metric - MKS system and British - CGS system units and their calculation, conversion etc. Metals their properties and uses, heat treatment of metals, density and specific gravity etc., which is needed for the training.

Electrical engineering drawing

Lettering, different style of letterings and numbers, geometrical figures and dimensions, orthographical views for first and third angle projection. Electrical circuits both Ac and Dc kerchiefs law and related theory. Theory subjects' sketches are drawn over drawing sheets. Drawing records are maintained and filed. The main electrical machines such as motors, transformers, Ac machines also drawn.

Theory practical

  1. Practice of joins in conductors and soldering
  2. Electrical layouts for connecting different lamps and domestic appliances
  3. Practice of domestic wiring and layout
  4. Practice of Ammeter, voltmeter, Wattmeter in the circuits
  5. Measurement of energy using single phase and three phase energy meters
  6. Testing of Ac and Dc electrical machines using mugger
  7. Practice of connecting and running electrical motors through meter main switch panel boards DB, mcb ect.
  8. Earth testing and system of earth preparing
  9. Lightning arrester erection ect.

The entire practical that were done are entered in practical record book. Practical exams one also conducted.


During the first four months the trainees are thought the theory and practical along with workshop calculation and science. And in next two months planned to have study are as well as in the classroom, site visit for understanding various subject of engineering. In the last two months they visited certain industries and project, where internal and external wiring is going on and finally an educational tour of various places are also under taken to enrich their understanding.

Visit of substation

Fist batch was taken to Thiruchitrambalam sub-station (110/ 22 KV) near Auroville to learn the electrical transmission system, Transformer and step down to 110 / 22 Kv switch gear, system panel, breakers, isolated ect.

The trainees are also taken to Aureka workshop in Auroville to prepare the lay out to learn how various electrical machineries are planned and connected. The trainees visited many places of interest and to study the Diesel generators, Motor starters welding transformers, distribution boxes etc. In all the above visits students have prepared the electrical layout and subject they have learned and entered in their records.

They also so went for excursion to different places.


The final exam for first batch was conducted in last week of November and the progress report, final report and merit certificate was distributed on 21-12 -2001 by, Mr. Lugi, Mr. Joshepha, Mrs Anandhi of Development group Mr. Souro and Mr. Alain Bernard on the occasion of the concluding function.

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