An exhibition on
'Auroville An emerging Universal Township'

At the head office of UNESCO in Paris, 7th 11th April, 2003

In April 2003 Auroville's Future organised an Exhibition cum conferences in the Head office of UNESCO in Paris.
The inauguration of the Exhibition was presided by the Secretary of UNESCO, Mr. Koïchiro MATSUURA.
A delegation of Aurovilians participated and gave various presentations about Auroville.

From right: Mr. Sylvain Vincent from Asia Urbs programme of the European Commission; Mr. Dou Dou Diene, Special Rapporteur of the United Nations on racism, xenophobia, discrimination and intolerance; Mr. M. Luyckx, Director of 'Vision 2000' and writer; Mr. Luigi Zanzi from Auroville's Future.


10th April 2003
at 19:00 hrs
Salle XII

Opening Ceremony & Slide show on Auroville
Inaugurated by Mr Koïchiro MATSUURA, Director General of UNESCO
followed by the speakers:
Dr Kireet JOSHI
, Chairman, Auroville Foundation
Dr L. M. SINGHVI, Member of India to Executive Board of UNESCO
Mme Neelam D. SABHARWAL, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of India to UNESCO
Mr Mounir BOUCHENAKI, Assistant Director-General for Culture, UNESCO

19:30 Inauguration of the Exhibition
20:00 Reception
11th April
15:00-18:00 hrs

Seminar: Evolution of Human Consciousness within the society Auroville, an example of Cultural Diversity (Room XII)

7th-11th April


Exhibition on Auroville An emerging Universal Township
During the opening ceremony


  1. Speech by Mr. Koichiro Matsuura, Director General, UNESCO (Download)

    On the occasion of the inauguration of the Auroville Exhibition
    Paris UNESCO headquarters
    10 April 2003

  2. Speech by Mr. Kireet Joshi, Chairman of the Auroville foundation, Chairman of the seminar. (Download)

  3. Statement of support from the secretary of UNESCO (Download)
During the Seminar on Auroville

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