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2.2.1    The activities in Auroville have so far been carried out on the basis of a broad planning framework and the concept plan prepared by Mr. Roger Anger, Chief Architect and Planner of the city, which received the blessings of the Mother. However, the need for a Master Plan arose due to the following factors:


The requirement of the Auroville Foundation Act

The Auroville Foundation Act, which was enacted by the Parliament in 1988, has a provision to prepare a Master Plan for Auroville to guide its future growth. The relevant sections of the Auroville Foundation Act are reproduced below:


The powers and functions of the Governing Board shall be:
(e) to prepare a master plan of Auroville in consultation with the Residents' Assembly and to ensure development of Auroville as so planned;


(1) The Residents' Assembly shall perform such functions as are required by this Act and shall advise the Governing Board in respect of all activities relating to the residents of Auroville.
(2) In particular, and without prejudice to the foregoing powers, the Residents' Assembly may-
(c) formulate the master plan of Auroville and make necessary recommendations for the recognition of organisations engaged in activities relatable to Auroville for the approval of the Governing Board;





2.2.2       Time is now ripe to systematically develop the township, since Auroville has secured about 850 ha. of land out of about 2000 ha. of designated area. Auroville has been progressively securing the lands required for its development. More than 70 % of the land required for building development as well as for infrastructure in the City Area has already been secured. Systematic development and expansion of activities and population are therefore now possible. The Master Plan (Perspective: 2025) will facilitate such development.



2.2.3       To protect all the lands secured for the township and to prevent non-conforming developments, it would be necessary to have a blueprint for its future development. Auroville has yet to secure over 70 % of the land coming under the green belt area. Auroville's greening activities attract speculative elements which threaten the harmonious use of land. As such it is necessary to acquire all the remaining lands. In order to properly plan the land uses of both Auroville-owned as well as privately owned lands, drawing up a Master Plan has become essential and urgent.