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2.9.1    The implementation of the Master Plan (Perspective: 2025) for Auroville requires a more structured organisational set-up than hitherto available. A start will be made putting such an organisation in place when the European Union funded project on the Centre for Innovative Urban Management becomes operational in early 2001.



2.9.2     The Planning Group will be responsible for the preparation of the Five Year detailed Development Plans followed by Annual Plans and Layout Plans/Detailed Schemes within the framework of the Master Plan (Perspective: 2025). The implementation and monitoring of the projects will continue to be the responsibility of the concerned AV group through their project leaders. However, the overall co-ordination and monitoring of the work will be the responsibility of the Planning Group.



2.9.3       There are three important aspects of the plan, the implementation of which will require full support and involvement of the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Pondicherry UT. The first one relates to the provision of main access ways to the township. There are four such principal access ways connecting the four main zones. The present accesses to these areas are narrow and pass through village settlements. Widening of the roads needs to be carried out on some stretches, and realignments need to be introduced to avoid disrupting village settlements. In the longer term it would also be necessary to establish the Northern and Southern by-passes connecting the East Coast Road and Tindivanam-Pondicherry roads to facilitate easy and direct access between these highways.



2.9.4       The second important aspect relates to securing the lands that are not under the ownership of Auroville for developments proposed in the Master Plan. For the securing of land, various options such as land exchange, lease of land, land pooling techniques etc., as indicated in Appendix IV, are suggested. This calls for the regulation of the use of lands not owned by Auroville to avoid non-conforming uses, and acquisition of such lands that are required for development by Auroville. The Auroville Foundation, being governed by an act of Central Government, anticipates full co-operation from the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Pondicherry UT in the implementation of these proposals.


Kuilapalayam village



2.9.5       Another important aspect is the development of villages within the designated area of Auroville as well as those in its 'bio-region'. Auroville groups are already assisting the villages in improving their socio-economic conditions. The five-year indicative plan has envisaged a provision of about Rs. 3 crores for this purpose. Auroville would collaborate with the village panchayats as well as with the Government in identifying development projects, and funds for projects will be sought from the Central Government and the State Government to support various aspects of development in these villages and the bioregion.



2.9.6       The proposed set-up in the Planning group provides for an independent Division which will be involved in implementation work. The details of the proposed structure for the implementation of the Master Plan (Perspective: 2025) is given in Appendix V.



2.9.7       The present momentum in Development and Environmental activities will be strengthened through a participatory Environmental Management process which will be integrated within all development, planning and urban design elements.